Re: [gtk-list] Re: Glade - UI Builder

"Daniel Solaz" <> writes:

> Unneeded, no. Personal, yes. I can't think of anything more uniform and
> elegant. However, I need help from my editor (it highlights matching
> brackets on the fly) to code in Lisp.
> I know of a toolkit, formsVBT, that got much further: the whole widget
> tree, widget properties, and callback assignments were read at startup
> from a file, and it used a Lisp-style language with macros. Very
> powerful. Dead easy to parse.

Anybody else ever a little anguished by thinking about how much time's
been spent just trying to define and then write parsers for C++?
I heard that they just added another reserved word because they
discovered that the language as specified was (again?) unparsable
without it. 

I often consider what might have happened if that energy had been put
into optimizing/improving/coding in more reasonable languages?

Spend your time doing something interesting.  Most of the time that
doesn't mean writing parsers for yet another obtuse language.

Rob Browning <>
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