When to call widget_set_events

  In writing an 'animation control' for my Quake 2 model viewer, I
stumbled on something strange. This control (a bit like the control in
Gimp's gradient editor) is a Drawing Area. When I pack it in a box,
and then call "widget_set_events" to catch mouse and exposure events,
I get only MAP and CONFIGURE, and not those specified in the event
mask... If I move the 'set_events' before the 'bok_pack_start', it works

  I (still :-) ) use Gtk+ 1.0.0...

  Is this a : 
   1) FAQ, then I apologize :-)
   2) something that is designed that way
   3) a known "feature"

	Lionel ULMER (ulmer@email.enst.fr - bbrox@mygale.org)

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