Xnet 0.7 available

After a (very) long period of silence (because of my 5-month old
baby...), I am proud to announce the release of the new version of
xnet (0.7).

Download Xnet 0.7 now :

http://home.worldnet.fr/~fbaumann/xnet-en.html (English)
http://home.worldnet.fr/~fbaumann/xnet.html (French)

It consists mainly in upgrades/bug fixes in order to make Xnet compile
with the latest versions of GTK and Gnome.

Of course, I still have in mind the suggestions of several people, and
I hope I will have soon time to implement them.

btw, I am still waiting for a guy kind enough to design pretty Xnet pixmaps :

1) an icon for the software itself
2) an icon representing the "you got mail" status
3) an icon representing the "sorry, nobody wants to write to you some lovely messages" status


E-mail: fbaumann@worldnet.fr
Web: http://home.worldnet.fr/~fbaumann                 

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