Re: [gtk-list] Re: GtkCList and shortcuts

On Wed, 29 Apr, 1998 at 05:42:43PM +0100, James A set free these words:
>  Putting the F10 motif would also be useful (probably more so, as that 
> would leave all the ALT keys free for menu accelerator use).
F10 is nice because it doesn't interefere with the modifiers, but it is
horribly placed on standard PC keyboards.  Doing Alt-F S is a nice triangular
motion with one hand.  Doing F10 F S requires two hands, movement off the
keyboard, etc.  (This is possible, right?  Netscape is the only app I have
that uses F10 and it doesn't have mnemonics for its menus I have to do F10
down_arrow S for save or F10 right down F for find... not good at all.)

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