Re: [gtk-list] Re: Crashing X

Just something like:

    83      tempnode=BuildEventData->titlelist->next;
    84      while(BuildEventData->titlelist != tempnode) {
    85          listitem = gtk_list_item_new_with_label (tempnode->name);
    86          gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (BuildEventData->list),
    87                          listitem);
    88          gtk_signal_connect_object(GTK_OBJECT (listitem), "select",
    89                          GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (of_select_item),
    90                          (gpointer) tempnode);
    91          gtk_widget_show(listitem);
    92          // tempnode=tempnode->next;
    93      }

With the tempnode=tempnode->next commented out it crashes X.

I'm not using ghe g_slist functions because I don't have time to read thee
source, my deadline is tonight to get this app out, and I've got weird
list types anyhow, next time I'll learn them.

I'm using XF86_SVGA as distributed with Slackware 3.4, or maybe later, I
run a custom distribution on my machines, but I upgraded to the Slack 3.4
XF86_SVGA server.

I've known one or two things do this, but GTK is the only thing I could
get to reproduce it.

And I can now reproduce the status bar bad drawing bug almost at will
using the souce I posted earlier on the list. The function called pulls up
a window over the top of the status bar, so it is hidden, then edits the
status bar. So the bug is probably something like if the status bar is
hidden, it dosen't get redrawn, but the new data does get drawn on it when
it gets reshown. I'm sorry I haven't the time to patch it, but that's my
understanding of what's going on.


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On Mon, 4 May 1998, jb wrote:

> > I made a GTK application that looped. Now I had set up a kill event in a
> > xterm just incase of that, but with a menu open, the mouse focus can't
> > move to it. So I changed to a text terminal, sent the GTK program an
> > ordinary kill signal, and it totally munged the X server, the whole of X
> > exited down the drain. I've done this twice now, much to my annoyance. As
> > soon as I switch back to the X vt, it goes down.
> i think we need some more information.. can you provide source code?
> > And in future I suppose I have to incude a 'node=node->next' when I'm
> > iterating lists.
> use g_slist_next() (it's a macro), if i remember it well.
> 	jb
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