Window destroy prop with gtk--

Now as I've upgraded to gtk+0.99.8 and gtk---0.7.18 I've found
that without any delete event handler windows get destroyed when
one clicks the delete button. Afterwards the object is gone and has to be

If you have a dialog like the file selection, you would have to inherit
it by a new class to add a virtual delete_event_impl, so that's a bit awful.

I used to connct a function to delete_event, that just hide()s the window,
so when you recreate it it's simply shown again. But now that doesn't seem to
work, even tried returning true or false, no difference.

BTW, try  the example "testme" from gtk--, push the button to open the
fileselector, then destroy it. If you push the button again, you get the error

** WARNING **: file gtksignal.c: line 299 (gtk_signal_lookup): "gtk_type_is_a
(object_type, GTK_TYPE_OBJECT)"

** WARNING **: gtk_signal_emit_by_name(): could not find signal "show" in the
`(null)' class ancestry 

Any easy way out?

Bye ,  Oliver

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