Re: compile problems - gtk+-0.99.8 - FreeBSD - gcc

On 25 Mar 1998, Owen Taylor wrote:

> <...> 
> > Compile runs to building of  testgtk  and then barfs with undef. symbols.
> > I've tried various changes to the setup but nothing works so far.
> Try removing your old GTK libraries. Apparently, your linker cannot
> link against uninstalled shared libraries by specifying the name
> of the library file (e.g. ../gdk/.libs/, so libtool
> sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH instead. But your linker is looking in the system
> directories first and finding the old libraries.

That would appear to be it - thanks Owen.  (Next time I'll bother to check
for rather old installations - I'd completely forgotten this....!)  I'm
still getting a few similar errors but this is making more sense now.!.


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