delete_event + eventloop problem

There's a new problem with gtk's new version of delete_event.

suppose an application which does not catch delete_event signal at all.
(most applications should be like this..)

What happens when people start applications like that:

./fooapp &

Now when you close the application using window manager close menu, it'll
leave the application running in gtk's eventloop... And no events can
be got anymore (no windows in screen anymore and no timers/idles set)...
People think the process died since no windows are in screen anymore.

I think this behavior must be fixed. Otherwise we'll have alot of
applications that will leave processes running in the background when
people close all windows in them - certainly unacceptable.

   Make it exit from eventloop if no windows are visible when you enter

I tried look into gtkmain.c, but guess I dont know that code well enough to
make a patch... (where are list of windows in screen stored?)

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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