Re: gtk.m4 patch

Tero Pulkkinen <> writes:

> > > (still, it would prolly be better if AC_SUBST(GTK_CXXFLAGS) could be used,
> > > but I couldnt get that one working, so it modifies CXXFLAGS directly.. )
> Owen Taylor <> writes:
> > Actually, there is no need for GTK_CXXFLAGS; GTK_CFLAGS should
> > work fine with a C++ compiler in the end.
> How does the GTK_CFLAGS thingy should go into the CFLAGS variable?

You put it in yourself...
> I always thought it puts it automatically in AC_SUBST() based on the
> end of the variable name... Guess I dont really understand how
> automake/autoconf works :(

The info pages can help. ;-)

What AC_SUBST does is specify that the variable will be subsituted
into your makefiles. So if you _don't_ add GTK_CFLAGS to CFLAGS
in your, you can say, in your makefile:


or whatever.
> Okay, so, my should add GTK_CFLAGS to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS -
> and thus I dont need any fix for gtk.m4? :)

The first part of the fix (setting CXXFLAGS while running the test)
is quite likely a good thing; that is necessary if you want to
be able to have AM_PATH_GTK work while AC_LANG_CPLUSPLUS is in

It's just the second part that isn't necessary.


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