Re: [gtk-list] My problems with gtk+ 0.99.6 and .7

On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Deon Ramsey wrote:

> This seg-fault was happening inside libtool. The bug did *not* go away when I 
> upgraded to gtk+-0.99.7 . I finally traced down what was happening, the core 
> was being produced by a call to
> echo inside the libtool script, and only if trying to echo a string larger 
> than 2110 bytes (guess somebody braindead programmed echo and assumed a buffer 
> of that size was enough). Anyhow,
> I suspect this problem will only show for people running Solaris, maybe even 
> only for Solaris 2.5.
> For those of you having trouble, the appended patch kludges around the problem 
> by splitting the
> echo string roughly in half. It patches the file in  gtk+-0.99.7, 
> you will need to rerun
> configure to get a new libtool. Enjoy

Hmmm... is it just me or does every attempt in accessing this patch result
in a total lockup of my terminal?  "cat pata" locks it up, "pico cata"
locks it up, downloading the dang file locks up my ftp program.  What on
earth is in this patch at any rate?  Could somebody resend me the patch?

                                      - Dave

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