interface questions/proposals

i mentioned this before, but it was hidden in the midst of other questions
and a really bad topic sentence :)

i am really impressed with both the quality and the look of the gtk widget
set.. but there are three issues that really bug me. these are not at all
architectural changes so they wont break anything :)

firstly, the panes implementation. currently, the user can only change the
size of the panes by a small rectangular box placed at the bottom corner of
the pane. This is the way it is done in Motif, but i see no reason why it
should be implemented this way in gtk. i propose that the pane widget be
modified so that size control can be done from any pane boundary..

secondly, the scrollbars. Right now, they are implemented ala
windows95/motif/MacOS.. which is probably the most intuitive for most users.
However, i must take this oppurtunity to propose the alternative style (that
i have seen on some IRIX systems i believe) where the scroll buttons are on
the bottom.. this may take some getting used to but is really a timesaver. i
think that the mainstream can easily adapt and will eventually be pleased..

ps - (just one question =]) - there was some discussion on this list about
the way that progress bar was updated. some feel that the progress bar should
be updated instantly (ie non queued updating) is this being considered atm?


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