Re: [gtk-list] Hot key implementation...

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Leeman Strout wrote:

> Could someone briefly explain how to use the gtk_key_snooper_* functions?
> And attempt to explain how these differ from accelerators?

ChangeLog entry:
        * gtk/gtkmain.c: implementations of gtk_invoke_key_snoopers(),
          gtk_key_snooper_install() and gtk_key_snooper_remove(). this
          mechanism allowes applications to track global hot keys that need
          to bypass accelerator tables and else key processing stuff.

the key snooper functions are meant to hook into the main event processing
loop for key presses/releases. the actuall drive to implement this
functionality was to allow GLE to install a global hotkey that can be used
in every window. i don't actually expect the snooper facility to be of much
use for ordinary gtk programs, maybe use them for some global debugging
function or so...

> Thanks
> Leeman Strout


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