RE: [gtk-list] Gtk FAQ in 0.99.4 ???

On 02-Mar-98 Sergei Naumov wrote:
> Hi, I just started processing Gtk FAQ that is in 0.99.4
> distribution. 

Hmm. Don't know why it is doing that. I'm using the sgml-tools rpm
package from sunsite (for RedHat 5.0: redhat-contrib/hurricane) with
only a slight complaint which is fixed with the patch below.

An HTML copy of the current FAQ can be found in the GTK+ section at:



--- ../gtkfaq.sgml      Tue Mar  3 08:47:57 1998
+++ gtkfaq.sgml Tue Mar  3 08:47:44 1998
@@ -715,7 +715,7 @@
   gc = gdk_gc_new(widget->window);

   /* find proper dimensions for rectangle */
-  gdk_window_get_size(widget->window, &width, &height);
+  gdk_window_get_size(widget->window, &width, &height);

   /* the color we want to use */
   color = (GdkColor *)malloc(sizeof(GdkColor));

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