GtkText bug / suggestions

Hi Owen (and all the others currently working on GtkText) !

I just noticed that inserting/pasting at the very end does not work (after
inserting a newline after "not" in the testgtk sample) :

** ERROR **: file gtktext.c: line 2493 (advance_mark_n): "n > 0"
IOT trap/Abort

Here are some suggestions (sorry, couldn't resist ;) :

- HOME, END should jump to beginning/end of line

- Ctrl-HOME, Ctrl-END should jump to beginning/end of text

- selecting by mouse should scroll the text continuously when 
  touching the widget borders (emacs-like, without having to move the
  mouse). It's quite irritating now.

- "gtk_text_set_editable" should queue a redraw (I guess).

- API's : gtk_text_clear, gtk_text_delete_lines (gint start, gint end),
  gtk_text_append/prepend, gtk_text_insert_at (gint row, gint column),
  some function to get the row/column from the x/y-coordinates of a 
  mouse click, some function to get the word/line under the mouse pointer 


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