Re: [gtk-list] Re: Focus problem causing "clumsy" feeling...


Marc van Kempen <> writes:
> > I'd like to know whether anyone else uses "focus-follows-mouse" and
> > experienced similar problems... or does everyone else use
> > "click-to-focus" ??? Which system, X server and window manager you are
> > using would be a helpful bit of information as well (if you use
> > focus-follows-mouse without these effects especially).
> This is one of the brilliant (IMHO) features of the kde window manager.
> It combines focus-follows-mouse with giving focus to every window that
> pops up, regardless if the mouse is positioned in that window.

So you mean it has a policy that the focus is automatically in the
last visited window and every new window gets the focus automatically
(provided the mouse is not in  another window at that point) ? Did I
get this about right ? Not bad - although I like to have the
possibility to have the focus on the root window with fvwm2 - this way
I can start basically all applications I need with a simple F-key.

> This also greatly reduces the strain in your arm and shoulder, because 
> you don't have to move the mouse every time some stupid program pops up
> a dialog (netscape comes to mind). 
> I don't know of any other windowmanager that has this functionality, and
> I have tried quite a few ...

So are you telling me you have that "clumsy feeling" problem or are
you telling me you don't ? Strictly speaking your window manager
doesn't appear to be a total "focus-follows-mouse", so it seems the
problem only occurs there...


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