I've got a Text Widget with a lot of text in it and I want to perform
the search of a word in it. I start the search at the beginning of the
If the word is in the text somewere, I do :

	gtk_text_set_point (just before the word)
    and gtk_text_insert (GTK_TEXT (textwidget), font, fore, back, " ",
    and gtk_text_backward_delete (GTK_TEXT (textwidget), 1)
The text is scrolling (on the screen) until it reaches the insertion
point. With the length of my text, it can take 5 minutes (!) if the
first occurrence of the word is at the end of the text.   

So my question is the following one :
Is it possible to avoid the scrolling of the text when using
gtk_text_set_point followed by gtk_text_insert in a GtkText ?
I've tried gtk_text_freeze/thaw but after the thaw, the insertpoint is
always 0...

Any idea would be very appreciated.

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