GtkFontSelection v0.6

I've put GtkFontSelection v0.6 at:

I've split it into two widgets - GtkFontSelection & GtkFontSelectionDialog,
since the Gnome folks want to create their own dialog box conforming
to their style guidelines.

I've also added a tiny program 'gfontsel' which is a self-contained
font-selector program, rather like xfontsel.

I think it's practically finished now. Shall I upload it to
(Will it go in GTK 1.0.x or does it have to wait til 1.1?)


PS. There is a warning when compiling:

gtkfontsel.c:1706: warning: implicit declaration of function

I had to use gtk_entry_adjust_scroll() since sometimes the text in the
preview disappeared. Maybe it should be declared in gtkentry.h

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