Re: [gtk-list] Re: Titlebars and set_uposition

In a previous message, Brian C. Lane says:
>   It looks to me like this is a failing of GDK/GTK. Are there any plans to
> add this kind of functionality to GTK+? Parsing standard X arguments
> should be included as well I think.

There really aren't any "standard X arguments".  What you're thinking of all 
come from the Xt Toolkit, which is layered on top of the Xlib routines.

>   I just briefly looked at Xephem to see how it handles this stuff, and it
> calls a routine called Xt[something] which I assume is a Motif routine to
> handle parsing, I've got it compiled with LessTiff, but I haven't looked
> at the LessTiff code to do the parsing yet.

XtGetApplicationResources() will parse the command line for you, based on
some data structures that you set up in your code.  This is not Motif
however, its part of the Xt Toolkit.
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