Hierarchical CList (somewhat related to CTree)

Hello Gtk(--)-Users,

Before I even knew about CTree's existance I implemented a similar
(though not identical) widget.
Differences are:
-    It't not a widget but a C++ class (derived from an unmodified
Gtk_CList), so it's totally 'user-space'.
-    It requires and extensively uses STL (egcs or gcc2.8 preferred).
-    It's fully C++.

User visible differences:
-    It's not viewed as a tree with columns but rather as a List with
expandable sublists. We use it for data visualization (different levels
of granularity, summing over collapsed subtrees).
-    Each subtree is depicted inside a column of your choice. This gives
a nice 'more details at a click' interface.
-    The visual representation is not as elaborate as a CTree.

So I would like to let some people take a look at it and comment on it,
exspecially the CTree maintainers. Perhaps there are some ideas for
future improvements within CTree.

Perhaps you're even so enthrilled that you prefer TCList for CTree. ;-)
Who knows.

Waiting for your comments.

Source code and a browsable documentation (HTML) (though not yet online)
are availlable at
http://home.wtal.de/petig/ . (direct link is


PS: If you knew of TCList before, take this as an announcement for a new

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