Announce: gsf-0.1.0.tar.gz (pre-alpha sprite library)

GSF, which stands for Gtk+ SpriteField, is a library for using sprites
with the GTK+ toolkit.  It is currently in its pre-alpha stage
(version 0.1.0), with many features missing.  This announcement is
intended as a possibility for me to get feedback and help on the code
developed so far.  The design is based on the QwSpriteField by Warwick
Allison.(for the Qt toolkit).

Some features:
  - efficient collision detection
  - flickerless redrawing
  - designed to suppport large number of sprites
  - generalized sprites, using the object oriented approach of Gtk+
  - multiple views of one spritefield

You can download it at

Nothing is actually installed if you type 'make install', as the
library is not yet ment for any other pupose than developing and
testing it further.  A simple example program, 'tetris', is included
for testing the library :-).  The 'gsftest' program used BIG sprites
which is not included because of size considerations.

The following libraries are required to compile and run it:
  imlib-1.7      (get it at
  libpng-1.0.1   (                -- " --                      )
  zlib-1.1.2     (                -- " --                      )

Other versions may also work.  If you want to try an earlier version
of glib or gtk+, you must edit the configure script.  The library has
only been tested on a Linux i586 system.

Please feel free to send comments, suggestions and patches to

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