Re: [gtk-list] GtkCTree question

The last question about expanding a CTree dynamically was a
programming mistake. the variable the_table was always NULL.

Now another question (and i will summarize the answers and put them in 
_any_ document, if somebody can tell me which document i should update 
and who will accept these patches)

Which signals are emitted by a CTree, and which signal should i handle 
to expand or collapse a node.

Now i'm, hooking the button_press_event and in the handling function i 

gtk_clist_get_selection_info(GTK_CLIST(ctree), event->x, event->y,&row, &col);
node = g_list_nth(GTK_CLIST(ctree)->row_list, row);
if (!node)

Isn't there a more convenient way? I tried `tree-expand' but this
signal was never emitted.

I think the CTree widget is a very powerful thing and users coming
from M$ will like it although i personally hate it. But the lack of
documentation is a real show stopper to use this widget efficiently.
Therefore i'm volunteering to update the docs as soon as i find out
something, even English isn't my primary language.

Michael Lausch/g.a.m.s. edv dienstleistungen gmbh
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