Re: [gtk-list] gtk from file ?

> Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> >what about writing a routine that can read a file and create the widgets and
> >set the callbacks during runtime ? speed isn't a big issue, as e.g. the main

  I would like to write a gtksh application that would do just that, same
  like wish (Tcl/Tk) only better :) Tcl is such a sloppy language and I
  grew tired of it. For now I am just writing GTK apps.

> FormsVBT from Digital SRC was based on a Lisp like language that lets
> you define widget hierarchies to be loaded at runtime by your app.  No
> need to compile them, they're text (.fv) files:
> (Rim (Pen 10) (Font (WeightName "Bold"))
>   (VBox
>     (HBox

  Yuck! I hate lisp, it's like vomiting parenthesis I don't know how
  people can call that 'style'.

D. Emilio Grimaldo Tunon       Compuware Europe B.V. (Uniface Lab)
Software Engineer	       Amsterdam, The Netherlands  Tel. +31 (0)20 3116 200 ext. 413

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