Re: [gtk-list] Re: More Effective Baloon Help/Tool Tips (was: vi bindings for text widgets)

What if the tooltip had a button in it to get "more info" which would
include key bindings, etc.  Simmilar to the office assistant
capabilities, but implimented better.

The only problem is that the tool tip is supposed to move if the cursor
mouses over it (because it's probably sitting on top of a button or
something), or if the cursor moves off the widget that caleld up the
balloon... hmm...

The good thing about apple's balloon help is:

1) It's in a "callout box" -- this means that the information is not
hiding the next button on the buttonbar.

2) You can put an entire novel inside one of them.  In win word, if you
mouse over the button with a keyboard in it, it says "autotext".  When
you mouse over it on the mac it says:

   \  _________________________________
     | Insert AutoText
     | Creates or inserts an AutoText
     | entry depending on the selection
     | This command is not available
     | because no AutoText entry is
     | defined.

That's a hell of a lot more informative!  

(note: graphics NOT by the gimp... :)

I remember one program had its entire help manual in balloon help,
pictures and all.  It can be very usefull to call up the right manual
page for this particular button/menu item/pallete and then be able to
whisk it away again with a flick of the mouse. 

What if we bind the middle mouse button to baloon help, if it exists,
for every widgit (except text boxes -- maybe this works along the EDGES
of text boxes, but inside them, 2nd mouse button pastes, of course). 
Users could either turn on passive balloon help, or actively use the
middle mouse button.


Patrick Rogan
Systems Engineer

Lycos, Inc.
1 Oxford Centre
301 Grant Street, Suite 525
Pittsburgh, PA   15219-1408

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