Re: [gtk-list] Re: vi bindings for text widgets

> what i really hate on X and various X widgets on linux is the fact 
> one can't do almost anything without mouse. and i hate to use mouse,
> because it slows down my typing and all. i'd go nuts if i had to take 
> mouse in my hand, move some screens away, select the line i want to 
> put it in the buffer, move back and paste it. with vim i can do it 
> easily: i type only the beginning of the line and press <C-X> and 
> and the whole line matching the beginning is pasted here. now tell me,
> what's faster?

   I'm new to the GTK environment, but I'd like to add my comments here.  
I think we need to remember that this IS a GUI -- a GRAPHICAL user 
interface.  To me, that means that all possible functions should be 
available to the user in a graphical format -- such as menus, pop-ups 
and tool bars.  I do, however, agree with you in that the keyboard is 
faster.  My problem is that there are so many "short-cuts" to learn in 
so many different environments (windows, vi, emacs, nedit etc.) that I 
soon get frustrated.  The solution, I believe, is to make all functions 
Windows only does this in a limited way, which is often frustrating for 
those who know what they're doing.  Vi never does it.  Emacs has a 
fairly good compromise, but it's still not perfect.

   As long as I can see the available functions, and the shortcuts 
beside them, I can learn quickly.  And whether I'm a beginner or an 
expert, there would always be a way for me to access the functions I 

>> Time to forget Vi and Emacs and move to Nedit, gedit and other modern 

   One thing I like about the Linux development is the best option 
almost always wins :)  The best option here may be to support all of 
them, but one at a time.  Make it an rc file choice.

Duane Johnson
Programmer / Analyst
Betach Systems Inc.
Calgary, Alberta

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