Re: GTK for Win32

There already exists a cross platform GUI toolkit known as wxWindows,
with one of the linux ports using GTK, and unlike QT, is free (as far as
I know anyway) for the win  port.  Not sure if this is important, but
there exist other ports as well, specifically for Windows, XView/Motif,
Xt, GTK, and Mac.  I've never really used it, but I downloaded it once
and I believe the only code change required is in the makefile.  Take a
look at their site,  for
the main site, or specifically for
the GTK one.  

Besides QT and java, another option, depending on whether or not you
intend on spending money on licenses, is something called MainWin XDE
which ports NT code to Unix.  I have only seen an ad for this and know
nothing further, but supposedly there's a free trial edition at

Yet another option which I have seen an add for that looks like it's
right down your alley is something by Bristol Technology known as
Wind/U, which can be found at  It provides OpenGL
support which seems to be something that you're looking for, though I
believe it uses MFC.

I must apologize for the late response, I was away on vacation and
didn't get a chance to check my mail.  Anyway, I hope some of that is in
someway helpful to you.

-Andrew Homyk

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