[gtk-list] Re; Further plans ?

Preben Randhol wrote:

> OK here I go again. :)
> Now that GTK+ 1.0.4 is out and things seem to generally work nice,
> wouldn't it be a good time to start doing the documentation work
> before moving on to GTK 1.1? After looking at the GDK source (haven't
> looked much at GTK) I found no evidence that the actual source code
> was documented. Is this so for GTK too? I can understand that
> documentation is limping behind when one does a lot of coding to
> release a stable version, but I think that the documentation should
> catch up before moving on.
> I fear that if one doesn't have proper documentation things will soon
> get quite messy.
> That said, the tutorial is good, but the reference manual is rather
> sparsely commented.

I definitly agree that documentation is a must. The reference guides for gtk,
gdk, and glib are full of holes, and the tutorial seems to skate over some
issues without much concern. QT's tutorial was mindblowing in that it included
interactive 'projects' where you take there example and edit it to perform how
you want it to. I found that immensly useful (Was the first widget kit I had
serious success with...).  I know writing up the docs isn't nearly as sexy and
exciting as writing the code, but without good complete accurate
documentation, a lot of programmers (primarily ppl new to GUI programming)
will be turned off, which is self defeating in the long run. If I knew more
about gtk, gdk, and glib, I'd be writing, but I don't, so I can only struggle
along, pulling open header files and looking at other ppls source :(

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