Bug in Gtktext ?

After having found a way to get a GtkText widget to be less than 10
characters high, I think I found a (serious) bug in the widget:
If I make the widget one character high, (That is, I made it
 font->ascent + font->descent + 2 * ythickness  high)
a lot of error messages and crashes started appearing.
I got a consistent segmentation fault whenever I tried to enter more
than one line in a one-character high GtkText widget.

Also, another bug/features in GtkText is that it won't accept
characters with the high-bit set, like all the accented characters,
(In fact no widget did) making it impossible to have labels or
whatever with accented characters.
Is this a design flaw, or is there some other way to get these characters
to display correctly ? (With an escape char or something)

TIA, Shade and Sweet Water,
Willem (at stack dot nl)
Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for any of the statements
            made in the above text. For all I know I might be
            drugged or something..
            No I'm not paranoid. You all think I'm paranoid, don't you !

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