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On Tue, Jul 07, 1998 at 11:10:25AM +0200, Didimo Emilio Grimaldo Tunon wrote:
> > Interesting side-issue. I've never even contemplated this before, but is there
> > such a thing as a un*x-hosted GCC-based development environment that will
> > produce WinNT/98/95 executables? If it doesn't exist, then writing one would
> > surely have to be a pre-requisite of the GDK porting job?
>   I don't know if the Unix gcc can generate WinNT/95 executables, BUT
>   there is a GNU compiler/development suite for the Win32 platform,
>   just look at Cygnus Support they call it
>   Cygnus/Win32 or something like that. Has the compiler, .dll's, unix
>   utilities and even a bash shell.

Yes, but originally the Cygnus tools ran under unix - until they had could use
their GCC under windows - so it is possible to set up a cross-compiler under
unix to compile windows binaries. There used to even be standard debian 
packages for it.


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