Re: vi binding for text widgets (and gtkrc file)

Patrick Rogan wrote:

> Ahh, yes, make it optional, but on by default.
> Kevin Handy wrote:
> >>
> >>Why not have gtk look for ~/.gtkrc every time gtk_rc_parse is called?
> >>It would read in ~/.gtkrc before the .rc file that was requested.
> >
> > What happens if you have more than one file to parse?
> > If the first file over-wrote a definition from the ~/.gtkrc file,
> > you would overide that change by loading it in again.

I think we need to establish a convention for 'common' rc files for gtk.
in my program is this

gtk_parse_rc("/etc/gtkrc");    /* site wide rc file */
gtk_parse_rc("~/.gtkrc");        /* user rc file */
gtk_parse_rc("~/.biderc");    /* app rc file */

I'd think this would let the app rc file take precedence, overwriting the
previous stuff, and user to be able to override site wide.  I'd like to have
some kind of standard so if I found a format I like, I wouldn't have to cp or
ln the file all over the place, just make a general file that all my gtk based
apps understand. (I think gnome may do this?)


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