Re: [gtk-list] GtkEntry and bckspace

Patrice Fortier <> writes:

> How can I have the backspace key work correctly in the gtkentry
> widget. The current behaviour is the same as the delete key
> and it's quite... annoying :).

Works correctly here. Perhaps it has been changed since 0.99.2,
but I don't think so.

What keysyms do backspace and delete generate when you try
running testgtk with --show-events.

(I see:

key press:      window: 33554530  key:    BackSpace  65288
                length:    1 string: "
key press:      window: 33554530  key:       Delete  65535
                length:    1 string: ""

Do Ctrl-d and Ctrl-h work as expected?


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