Re: [gtk-list] Re: Widgets w/o borders & shadows?

On Wed, 25 Feb 1998 wrote:

> ->  Ok, here is my bit about borders, for GTK 2.0.  I think this fits
> ->  in with theme stuff as well.  Basically, we would have something like:
> ->  
> ->  gtk_widget_set_border_shadow(widget, GTK_SHADOW_NONE);
> ->  gtk_widget_set_border_shadow(widget, GTK_SHADOW_IN);
> ->  
> ->  This actually would make implementing the code to draw a button
> ->  even more trivial than it is now, because it is pushed off into
> ->  some more generalized widget drawing code.  (Note this is already
> ->  done somewhat by the seperation of the shadow drawing from the 
> ->  widget, but this extends that a bit to allow changing the border
> ->  shadow at run time on any widget.)
> ->  
> ->  Perhaps Raster would have some insight into this since he has 
> ->  been looking at theming the button?
> Um.. ooh.. I had all my buttons borderless earlier today... :) It's now
> a shared library for drawing buttons rather than in gtk itself. Now I
> know at some point I need to allow programmers to attach "HINTS" to
> buttons - like Window Manager hints, so the theme can honor them - If I
> hang a theme data pointer off the widget structures, i can add a
> section for attaching hints. the theme, like a WM, may or may not honor
> theme - a well written theme will. Actually the mroe I think about
> this.. I liek the idea of Hints... :)

Was the borderless effect on purpose or on accident? ;-)

I kind of threw that all into one big lump this morning.  What I mean
is not the part about themes being able to change all the border looks.
(That part is obviously part of the theme stuff.)  Rather, I mean 
giving all widgets a border which can be configured via the above
_set_border_shadow() command.  If it is required to break up the widget
into 9 pieces just to show the border and center (as per some previous
discussion), then it would seem trivial to break it up so that it is 
trivial to configure this for each individual instance of a widget.

Can't wait to see this proof-of-concept example. ;-)

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