RE: [gtk-list] Segvs and other madness

On 25-Feb-98 Gregory A. McLean wrote:
> (gdb) bt
>  #0  0x4018fe8f in chunk_free () at malloc.c:2838
>  #1  0x4018fd01 in __cfree () at malloc.c:2684
>  #2  0x4012f3ff in g_free () at gmem.c:591
>  #3  0x400c17b0 in gtk_statusbar_pop () at gtkstatusbar.c:166

It could be that a string is too long for it's array. I've seen
similar things happen when I didn't allocate enough space to hold a
string <blush>.


(Hurrah! I think I sidestepped back onto the list by completely
changing my domainname on my mail, to one I had hidden up my sleeve -
the mailing list software has lost my tracks).
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