Re: [gtk-list] GTK/GNOME internationalization

Right-to-left means that the text is read from right to left, rather than
left to right like in English and German. There is another mailing list
devoted entirely to GTK's internationalization. I believe it's, but look at the website to be sure.


On Wed, 30 Dec 1998, Tarek Chammah wrote:

>  Hello,
>  I've read on the Red Hat Labs page that people are working on i18n for
> GTK specificaly on right-to-left support for languages like Arabic. 
> Is this going to be included in GTK 1.2 and how far is i18n support in
> GTK now when compared to Qt 1.4 ? Can you give me the address of pages
> on the net about i18n support for GTK/GNOME ? What does right-to-left
> support mean exactly?  Does it mean that in the combo box, the down
> arrow is on the left instead of the right? And does this apply to
> every widget having a mirror twin (left/right)  Like a memo/text box
> with the scroll bar on the left (instead of on the right)?
>  Thank You
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