This is possibly more of a gnome problem then a gtk problem, however I figure 
I will start by looking here. Bascily any place that GdkEventDropDataAvailable
is found in the code, egcs finds a syntax error. As it is, my eyes don't see 
this magical syntax error. 

I find this to further be interesting because I cannot find mention of this 
Event anywhere in the gtk 1.1.7 tree. Well, that is somewhat untrue, there 
are references to in it './docs/' showing what the struct looks like, etc. 

Has this event been depricated at somepoint ? and if so, by what.. 

Just for the grin of it, im using glib-1.1.7, gtk+-1.1.7 trying to build 
gnome libs 0.30.1. 

-Matt Knopp

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