Re: [gtk-list] Re: $#$#@$#$#$#$!@!!#@$@#@#%#^&@#$@!

On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, D. Emilio Grimaldo Tunon wrote:

> > static-disabled.
> > 
> > testgtk does not work, it exits with:
> > Gdk-Warning: Cannot open display: :0.0
> Simple, the message says it all. First try with
>         export DISPLAY=:0.0
no way, the problem's still there. heh.

> if that doesn't work I would think you are trying to display in
> on a host other than the one where the binary resides, in that
> case you have to also do:
>          xhost +YourDisplayHost
no. they're all on localhost.

> > I compiled Sandmail, and it's error is more strange:
> > GLib Error: Could not allocate 8192 bytes
> > aborting
> > IOT trap/abort
> No memory =) unless the message is incorrect. Why it can't
> find memory is another question...
Yes memory. :)


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