Feature Requests


	A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded 1.0.6 of gtk+ and found
some features lacking:

	gtkpaned lacks child1_percent_size (percent size of total).
		as well as the resizing of the child widgets to
		maintain this percentage whenever a size_allocate 
		signal happens...(right now there is only 
		child1_size...but I'm interested in proportions not

	gtkclist lacks an option to highlight only the cell,
		and not the entire row.

	These are fairly simple, and have added them myself.
I just built the latest gtk+ (1.1.6) and have found lots of
cool new features (like autosizing of columns in a clist),
yet the above is still missing.
	I was thinking that perhaps they could be added to
the standard distribution...

	Another thing: I added a feature to the clist such
that highlighting of the cell tracks mouse movement, when
the mouse clicks it is selected. In doing this I uncovered
a performance lag with large lists (400k rows of 2 columns =
50+ Meg of memory): At the top of the list, the highlighted
cell tracks the mouse cursor very well, yet at the bottom
there is a noticeable lag time (smells like a linked-list).
	The capacity is annoyingly large (which is another 
thing: I would like the capability to bypass the strdup's and 
just use the one true string I already have allocated).
	The above is very important to me as I am, say,
browsing a list of all the signals within a portion of a
	All in all, I am very impressed with the performance 
of the toolkit. Keep it up!

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