Re: [gtk-list] GDK ports

I know there is a project working on porting GIMP to OS/2. Does anyone
happen to know if GDK/GTK+ are also being ported or if they're stopping at
just getting GIMP running through an X server?

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, David Given wrote:

> I've recently managed to get glib to compile and run on DOS under djgpp (I had 
> to make two changes, both of which were trivial --- much kudos to the 
> authors). Now I hear rumours that some people are either working or thinking 
> of working on GDK ports to non-X devices; I know about the Win32 one, and the 
> rumour muttered something about handheld devices. Can anyone confirm or deny 
> any of this? I'd really like a GDK port for DOS with grx or Allegro; GTK beats 
> the [censored] out of any other widget sets around there.
> I know GDK doesn't do window management, but hey, someone's just released a 
> set of DJGPP bindings to GEM, which will do nicely. If a bit perversely.
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