Re: [gtk-list] Re: Signal and event management.

"Enric J." wrote:
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> > De: Havoc Pennington <>
> > Fecha: miércoles 2 de diciembre de 1998 22:50
> >
> > I would suggest looking at some of the existing language bindings. What
> > Gtk-- does is replace the Gtk+ 'Class' struct contents with proxy
> > functions, storing the real Gtk+ functions elsewhere. You'll need to
> > understand Gtk+ internals very well to do something like this.
> Ok, Thank you very much, I will give a look at Gtk--.
> Bye.... for now !
> Enric

If you have time to look at others' projects, than maybe you find time
to look at VDK also. It's also a C++ wrapper, but more a la BCB. And as
BCB is based on VCL, maybe you will like VDK so much that you'll make
your Delphi based on VDK. :)

The address is:


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