Problem compiling GTK/Perl 0.2.04 on solaris

I cannot compile GTK/Perl 0.2.04 on Solaris 2.51 with perl 5.004_04.  I get
the following

ld: fatal: too many symbols require "small" PIC references:
    have 4543, maximum 2048 -- recompile some modules -K PIC.

Any idea what this could mean?  I have tried this with all permutations of
GTK/Perl 0.2.04 and 0.3 and GTK 1.0.5 and 1.1.1.

One thing I find suspicious is the fact that I am using gcc as the compiler
and /usr/ccs/bin/ld to link.  That seems fishy.  Shouldn't gcc be using it's
own linker?  It's possible that my system has been configured incorrectly.

One additional note:  I tried hacking the CCFLAGS in the Makefile to include
"-fpic".  I still get the same problem though.

Thanks for any help


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