Re: [gtk-list] gtk+ on non-linux UNIX

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Derek Sherlock wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I run gimp with gtk+ on my linux box, and would like to also be able
> to use it at work (under HPUX 10.20).
> The FAQ doesn't say much about non-Linux platforms, nor the mailing
> list archive.  Perhaps somebody can help.
> Under HPUX 10.20 I unpacked gtk+1.0.5, ran ./configure, then make.

Hmm. Well, both gimp and gtk+1.0.5 compile fine on my HP-UX 10.20, but
then again I've had to cure it from several deficiencies. My Xmu stuff
resides in /usr/contrib, I think (*sigh*, still something missing there
tho, gnome wouldnt quite compile everything. But panel works (CDE,
you're going *out out out* :). 

Anyway, look at the X development packages and see if it resides somewhere
in there, but I might have gotten it off the software porting archives.
If you cant find it, mail me and I'll look it up or mail you the headers
and lib.

Best regards,
David Sundqvist

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