Re: Mouse buttons in callbacks

"Robert S. Mallozzi" <> writes:

> Hello,
> I would like to use the different mouse buttons within
> a gtk button callback to do different tasks.  How do I
> discriminate among the different mouse buttons in the
> callback function?  Currently, I have button_press_events,
> and button_release_events registered with the button, and
> this works OK, execpt I must also trap 
> enter_notify_events, and leave_notify_events to ensure that
> mouse button 1 executes its command only upon button release.
> This involves a static variable in the callback to keep 
> track of whether the cursor is on the button when it is
> released.  Surely there is a simple way to find which
> button was pressed when in a "regular" callback function?

You can do something like:

 GdkEvent *event = gtk_get_current_event();

 if (event && 
     (event->type == GTK_BUTTON_RELEASE) && 
     (event->button == 3))
     /* do whatever is necessary for a right-mouse-button click */

 gdk_event_free (event);

Hope this helps,

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