Re: GNOME widgets --> GTK+ widgets

On Fri, 21 Aug 1998, Brett Viren wrote:
> Maybe the answer is ``There is necessary GNOME-centric code that must
> be in these widgets which you just haven't found out about yet''.

Yep.:-) Many of them require gdk_imlib, which is a fairly fundamental
issue. Others just use random glib-like libgnome functions that could go
in glib. Others depend on knowing the location of the Gnome data files, or
the existence of Gnome user preferences choices, or they require i18n.
Others impose too much policy to go in Gtk, others only work with Gnome
stuff (e.g. the desktop entry editor), and a final category is too hacky
and hideous to go in Gtk. Nonetheless some of them likely will end up
getting moved.

There is really no reason not to use Gnome though. Library dependencies
are really not that bad. gnome-libs only requires imlib - also required
for Gtk themes - and i18n. imlib in turn requires some image libraries.
But you should use i18n anyway, and imlib has tons of handy functionality.
Gnome also makes applications look consistent, and allows users to
configure things like dialog behavior, menubar detachability, etc.
globally for all apps. It saves you a lot of wheel reinvention.


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