GNOME widgets --> GTK+ widgets

It seems that some of the questions I have seen on these two lists
recently have been answered by ``Try Gnome<insert-widget-name>''.  It
seems that the GNOME project is coming up with a lot of great widgets!

However, is there a reason why these GNOME-developed widgets are being
kept under the GNOME umbrella and not being added, to GTK+.  It seems
that these widgets would enjoy greater usage if they were free of
GNOME's overhead of compiling extra support libraries.  Plus these
widgets would help GTK+ programmers move to GNOME more smoothly, since
they would already know how to use all the basic widgets and could
focus on GNOME-centric programming.

Maybe the answer is ``There is necessary GNOME-centric code that must
be in these widgets which you just haven't found out about yet''.


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