Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk_args_collect & gnome--

On 21 Aug 1998, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> We're about to face the same problem with those new ones in gtk+ 1.1.1:
> void    gtk_container_add_with_args	   (GtkContainer      *container,
> 					    GtkWidget	      *widget,
> 					    ...);
> void	gtk_container_child_set		   (GtkContainer      *container,
> 					    GtkWidget         *child,
> 					    ...);

These aren't quite as bad though - we just add versions that take a 
va_list or va_list* and then the C++ wrapper calls va_start, passes the
va_list, then calls va_end. Requires a Gtk+ change but not a huge one.

The problem with gnome_canvas_item_set(GnomeCanvasItem*item,...) is 
that in C++ there is no argument other than ..., which leaves us
with no way to get the va_list (since there must be at least one 
"real" argument declared). So writing a gnome_canvas_item_set(va_list ap)
function doesn't help. We need gnome_canvas_item_set(const gchar* first, 
va_list ap) and I dunno how to write that.



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