Re: [gtk-list] gtk_args_collect & gnome--

Havoc Pennington <> writes:

> gnome_canvas_item_set(GnomeCanvasItem*,...);
> My problem is the C++ wrapper. The nice function to have would be:
> GnomeCanvasItem::set(const gchar* first_name, ...)
> but there's no way to do this, because gtk_args_collect wants to see a

We're about to face the same problem with those new ones in gtk+ 1.1.1:

void    gtk_container_add_with_args	   (GtkContainer      *container,
					    GtkWidget	      *widget,
void	gtk_container_child_set		   (GtkContainer      *container,
					    GtkWidget         *child,

> Suggestions? Am I missing the obvious solution?

Doubt it. You simply can't "propagate" a *va_list from a function to


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