Minor g_slist_insert_sorted() annoyance.

I just want to gripe a little.  

Why doesn't GLIB's g_{s}list_insert_sorted() allow for passing a user
data pointer to the GCompareFunc function instead of just the elements
to be compared?  As it is, one must massage each element being sorted
so that it refers to any and all data needed (kind of like forcing
array elements to know about the entire array), or one must use, uhg,
global variables to get user data into the GCompareFunc function.

Was there a justification that I am missing for choosing the interface
this way?

It is probably way impossible to change things now.  Oh well, I guess
I'll live, just a minor annoyance.  Besides this, the more and more I
learn about GTK and related libs, the more I like.


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