Re: [gtk-list] Re: Question

On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Kevin Handy wrote:

> Couldn't you just use buttons with images for your icons, and
> pack them into a box? This lets you easily attach an operation
> to clicking on the image, if you are trying for some kind of
> button bar. Or are you trying for something different here?

I'm trying for something vastly different, but I never thought of using
buttons.  There *may* be a way to do this.

To use buttons, though, I'd need to figure out:

1) How to turn OFF the borders of the button -- that is, I want no

2) How to drag and drop the entire button around the window.

Since I don't foresee any of these things happening, I thought a
DrawingArea would be best, since I have (nearly) complete control over
what goes on inside of it.  Alternatively, I suppose I could use
EventBoxes which contains labels and pixmaps, right?  Like so (WARNING:
horribly malformed Booch class diagram follows!):

	[IconView] <>----> [GtkWindow]
	|   |	<>
	|   |	+--------> [GtkMenu]
	|   V
	|   [IconIterator]
	<> <>---> [GtkEventBox] --------+
	|			   	|
	+-------> [GtkLabel]    <-------+
	|				|
	`-------> [GtkPixMap]	<-------+

(ASCII makes horrible Booch diagrams, not that I'm that good at using them
anyway; please forgive me if mangle it badly!)

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