Re: problem compiling GTK 1.1.1 (IRIX)


> I have been compiling GTK 1.0.5 and earlier without
> problems, but run into the following when compiling
> 1.1.1.
> For gtkclist:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> "gtkclist.c", line 1919: error(1133): expression must be a modifiable lvalue
>         GPOINTER_TO_INT (list->data) = row2; 
>         ^

I suffered the same kind of problem under AIX 3.2.5.  My guess is that
gcc (which I'm not using) allows casts on the left hand side of an

    char *s;
    int i;

    s = (char *)i;   /* normal */
    (int)s = i;      /* gcc? */

This is a pain to correct because you have to go and look up the type of
row2 (in your example above) and insert the appropriate cast on the
right hand side instead:

    list->data = (list_data_type_here)row2;

I stepped back to 1.0.5 since it was my first usage of GTK I didn't need
the latest and greatest, just something.

Hope this is of some help.


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