Re: [gtk-list] Gtk--: optionmenu troubles writes:

> I'm trying to create an optionmenu and while the general idea seems
> to work OK, I have a problem with the optionmenu buttons not
> belonging to the right parent window when the dialog is opened. If
> you then click on the optionmenu a few times, the child widgets are
> 're-patriated' by the correct window.
> If anybody can tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd very much appreciate it

I managed to "minimize" the problem by show()ing both menu items
before they are appended to the menu :

  d_rmiGrayscale->show ();
  d_rmiColorBands->show ();

  d_colormapMenu.append (d_rmiColorBands);
  d_colormapMenu.append (d_rmiGrayscale);

But the first time you activate the menu, nothing is shown. You have
to activate it a second time to actually see the radio items. Wonder
what I forgot :-)


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