RE: [gtk-list] Hello, FAQ maintainer, was: Re:gtklabel: , GTK_JU

On 11-Aug-98 Nils Philippsen wrote:
> As an addition: the gtk_label_set_justify modifies the behaviour of
> the lines
> in a multi line label, e.g. "a=gtk_label_new ("line 1\nline 2\nlong
> line 3");",
> wrt the justification of the lines in the label's bounding box. If
> you don't
> have a multi line label, use of gtk_label_set_justify has no
> (visible) effect.
> What most people try to do is modifying the alignment of the
> label's bounding
> box, so they should use gtk_misc_set_alignment(). Noticing the
> frequency of
> how often this question rises up, it should go into the FAQ.
> Objections?

I'll put it in for the next update


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